Latest Entertaintment news : Pawri Girl Dananeer Mobeen’s viral video

Latest Entertaintment newsDananeer Mobeen, the Pakistani influencer who made headlines with her ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ video, is once again making news. On Instagram, her followers find her singing skills quite impressive.

Latest Entertaintment news

The Pakistani singer Mobeen sang a song from Punjab Nahi Jaungi, a film released in 2017. Alongside the video, she wrote, “Khoya jo tu, houga maera kya?”. I love this beautiful song from one of my favorite Pakistani movies, Punjab Nahee Jaungi!”

A video of Mobeen singing has not been posted for the first time. Her previous post featured her singing a song from Emraan Hashmi’s Awarapan.

A video of Mobeen singing Pawri ho rahi hai went viral in February of this year, leaping her to social media stardom. It reached cricketers and film stars alike.

She blogs about food, makeup and styling tips. Mobeen is 19 years old and blogs about food, makeup, and styling. Her Instagram account boasts more than 1.6 million followers, and she accepts jokes and memes with grace. Despite her accent, the youngster showed great temperament when her video went viral. With a pinch of salt, she smiled and eventually turned the world to her advantage.

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